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Weddings at Sts. Peter & Paul

It's your special day and you want everything to be perfect. You've picked your bridesmaids and groomsmen, the cake, the flowers, and the perfect dress and tuxedo. Why not compliment these perfect picks with a space that matches the beauty of your two lives coming together?

Imagine spending your perfect day by celebrating in a breath-taking Gothic architecture church that rivals the cathedrals of Europe. Think of the beauty as the sun cascades the beautiful stained glass across your family and friends as you and your wedding party process down the aisle. Feel the embrace of your loved ones surrounding you in our circular seating as you exchange your vows. At Sts. Peter and Paul we can provide you the marital preparation, the space, and the music for your perfect wedding celebration!

You may opt to use The Franklin of Soulard for your reception.

To start planning your ceremony today or reserve the church, contact the parish office.


What time is the church available for wedding rentals?

  • Weddings are celebrated on Friday evenings and Saturdays no later than 2:00 p.m.

  • The rehearsal may be scheduled on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.  If special circumstances require another time for the ceremony, please contact the Parish Office for arrangements.

How much does rental of the church cost?

  • Church rental is $1,200 dollars.  Must be paid in full to secure reservation. Any offering you choose to make to the Priest or Deacon who presides at your wedding is at your own discretion.

When can I get into the church to set up?

  • We will open the church two hours before your ceremony to allow time for dressing and pictures.  This is also when the florist may have access to the church.

What type of decorations are allowed in the church?

  • Our church lends itself beautifully to the imagination of your florist.  Candles are not permitted on carpeted areas unless covered.  Balloons are not permitted inside the church.

What are the rules around photography of the ceremony?  

  • Pictures and videos may be taken during the ceremony; however no cameras may be set up within the sanctuary or flash pictures taken during Mass.  We believe that this is essential to maintain the sacredness of the ceremony.

May we have our wedding outside the church?

  • No, the Bishops of the State of Missouri do not allow weddings to take place outside the church.

What if I am not a member of Sts. Peter and Paul Parish?

  • If you are not a member of the Parish, you must obtain written permission of the pastor of the bride, if both the bride and groom are Catholic.  If only the groom is Catholic, then written permission of the Pastor of his parish is required.

Does Sts. Peter and Paul have a reception hall?

  • The Franklin of Soulard is located across the street from the Church. Their contact information is:

  • Phone: 314.585.6323 

  • Email: 

Will the Church help with the ceremony's music selection?

  • All music is coordinated through Mary Smith.  Mary will assist you in selecting prelude and processional music as well as music suitable for Mass.  She can suggest qualified musicians to help make your wedding music beautiful and prayerful. No CD or taped music may be used during Mass or ceremony.


What is the church's rule regarding alcohol consumption before the ceremony?

  •  Your marriage is a sacred event and church is a holy place where your marriage occurs.  No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed by the wedding party prior to the rehearsal and wedding.

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Preparing for Your Wedding

The Bishops of Missouri have created a Common Marriage Policy to inform engaged couples who are coming to the Catholic Church for marriage. 


There are two requirements:

  1. The Priest or Deacon who will witness your marriage will guide you through a time of focusing to help you prepare for your lifetime together. It will involve:

    • A preliminary assessment of marriage readiness (Fully Engaged Inventory).

    • Completing paperwork with information to be recorded in our marriage register.

    • Several meetings to discuss the FOCUS, the spirituality of marriage, Marriage as a Sacrament and prayer.

    • Completing a Natural Family Planning course.

    • Planning your ceremony.

  2. You will be asked to participate in a marriage preparation program. You will receive a certificate from the program of your choice to be included in your records. For help:


What you'll need for your big day...


  • Baptismal Certificate: The Priest or Deacon who will be officiating at your marriage will require a recent Baptismal Certificate, obtained from the church of your Baptism.


  • Marriage Certificate: The State of Missouri requires a marriage license.  This must be applied for no sooner than thirty days prior to your intended date of marriage and at least one week prior to your marriage.  This license may be obtained from:

    • St. Louis City Hall – 314.622.3257

    • St. Louis County – 314.889.2180

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