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About St. Peter & Paul

Sts. Peter and Paul Parish, founded in 1849, in historic Soulard, is a personal parish for all of its pa­rishioners. We come from near and far, from diverse backgrounds, cultures and stations in life. However, we all share a common bond knowing that the work we do, the worship we engage in and the way we lead our lives is bringing us closer to God.


Today, nearly three-quarters of the parishioners live outside the parish boundaries, and each weekend new worshippers come from all over the St. Louis area to join the regular parishioners in celebrating the mass in one of the most attractive settings in this county.


We grow in vitality and viability each time we proclaim God's good news through our worship, education, evangelization and social ministry. The grace of God is evident as we interact with one another. Our unity in the spirit of Christ is strengthened as we worship, play and serve together.

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