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Celebrating the Rite of Baptism

Baptism officially beings your journey in the Catholic faith. Persons of all ages, most commonly including infants, who are welcomed into the Christian faith through water of baptism. However, at Sts. Peter and Paul you not only are baptized into the faith but join a very special faith family rooted in community, support, and service.

Our community welcomes individuals into the parish family and Catholic faith through a baptism in our unique baptismal pool. When you enter into the pool you wade into the holy waters of baptism that have welcomed people into the Catholic faith for over 150 years. As you are immersed into the water you are washed and bathed in the waters of life through Christ.


Baptisms at Sts. Peter and Paul are usually celebrated during weekend Masses or at other times by appointment. We ask that you begin the preparation of baptism with the our parish leadership approximately two months before the anticipated Baptismal day.


To begin preparation for Baptism, please fill out this form and email it to Joanna Wingbermuehle. If you prefer to print it out, it can be scanned and returned to Joanna or dropped off in the Parish Office. 

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