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Bishop Barron's "Catholicism" Series Viewing at Sts. Peter and Paul 

Young Catholic Musicians

St. Louis, MO - Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church is excited to announce a special viewing of Bishop Barron's award-winning series "Catholicism."


The parish will present this phenomenal series over a 10 week period after the mass at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday.


The series is a rich collection of videos and imagines that will immerse you in the art, architecture, literature and music of the Catholic tradition. Each session will conclude with ample time for group discussion.​

Admission to the event is complimentary. All are welcome regardless of affiliation with the parish. The event is open to the public and archdiocese. Please join us at 1919 South 7th Street St. Louis, MO 631009. 



Catholicism Showing Dates


  • Week 1: January 29, 2017      Amazed and Afraid - The Incarnation

  • Week 2: February 05, 2017    Happy Are We - The Teaching of Jesus

  • Week 3: February 12, 2017    The Ineffable Mystery of God - That Which Nothing Greater Can Be Thought

  • Week 4: February 19, 2017    Our Tainted Nature's Soiled Boast - Mary, Mother of God

  • Week 5: February 26, 2017    The Indispensable Man - Saints Peter and Paul

  • Week 6: March 05, 2017         A Body Both Suffering and Glorious - They Mystical Union of Christ and His Church

  • Week 7: March 12, 2017         Word Made Flesh, True Bread of Heaven - The Eucharist and the Liturgy 

  • Week 8: March 19, 2017         A Vast Company of Witnesses - The Communion of Saints

  • Week 9: March 26, 2017         The Fire of His Love - Prayer and the Life of the Spirit

  • Week 10: April 2, 2017            World Without End - The Last Things


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